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Retreat and Timeout in Sweden


step back – let go – find new perspectives

Up till now our newly renovated and beautifully furnished Guest House “Svängen” in Gravendal was strictly reserved for our students and clients. They love to spend their time of inner exploration in the silent, relaxing atmosphere of our idyllic Scandinavian forest village.


Much space for a creativity and silence

NebelFrom 2018 on our Guest House will also be open for individuals who wish to take a step back from their own busy lives and a noisy outside world, to enter a phase of creativity, silence and retreat.

The serene atmosphere of our village, deep in the forests, surrounded by lakes, streams and fields, support this move closer to yourself, to dive into your own inner reality, explore the many different aspects of your being and follow your creative impulses without any distractions from the outside.


ZimmerYou may simply want to enjoy that naturally empty space and use it to allow new ideas for your life and work to unfold freely; or you may want to commit yourself fully to a new project. Maybe you want to write a book; work on a concept for a seminar; create a script for a film; you may want to paint, play music, meditate – alone, with your partner, your family or a group of friends. There is room for up to ten adults plus kids.

If you look for a competent and lively support, Veeta Wittemann can be available to you twice a week: as a guide on your inner journey or as a feedback partner for your project.

You can meet with her for a talk, analyse your dreams and paintings, create a map of your inner parts (and eventually have a direct dialogue with one of them), get creative instructions for your self-exploration and homework or discuss your new project.


InnenansichtThe Guest House

On the outside, our Guest House has preserved its typical character from the old mining times. Yet inside it gives room to three surprisingly modern, comfortable and aesthetic apartments which will serve you as your interim home for one to six weeks.

And there is more: a brand new greenhouse surrounded by a big green garden, ideal for those cool Scandinavian summer evenings, keeping you warm and free from mosquitos; a separate wooden garden house for you to establish your own creative art space; a public bathing place in walking distance by the village lake, with a landing bridge and a fireplace; a row boat for you to explore the large lake with its winding shores and secret bays and small islands where you can set up a hammock or a tent, catch a fish for your supper and spend the day or the night on the lake….

greenhouseOr you simple disappear in the forest, wandering along the historic railway track for hours, bicycling through the wilderness on rocky trails, collecting berries or mushrooms.

Underneath of all, the silence and purity of the Scandinavian nature is nourishing you and moving you all by itself - deeper inside.


Find more detailed information on the apartments, their furnishing and prices in the attached pdf (for download and print-out).

For more information please contact:


Welcome to Gravendal!





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