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This book challenges basic psychological and spiritual assumptions: Can the unconscious be explored in a direct, systematic and comprehensive way? Is it enough to support the spiritual development of human beings? What makes a human being whole? The reader accompanies four unique persons on their personal path of self-discovery. In these journeys, the image of the psyche as a living self-organizing system unfolds - in a touching, shocking and humorous narrative. Simultaneously, the great achievements and shortcomings of psychological and spiritual models are revisited: starting from Freud, Jung, Assagioli and leading to up-to-date approaches like Voice Dialogue and Inner Team Work. This book reveals the complex workings of the psyche as a systemic happening, that is ultimately easy to understand. And it opens a new and exciting way to rediscover the completeness and depth that is our natural inner inheritance. 


Artho S. Wittemann  |  ISBN 978-1519794499  |  352 pages  |  24,70 €

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